About Us

Welcome to foodtruckspy.com - the flagship of our commission free pure peer to peer growing #spynetwork websites that showcases small business owners and independent operators and helping to connect our global village.

If you are an on the move service provider please visit our commission free pure peer to peer site peerbays.com to create your Virtual Business Card for pet services, taxi drivers, massage therapy, personal chefs and more!

Thanks to developer Jan Klinge (jan.uder.jk@gmail.com) for creating the Virtual Business Card locator and registration, Daily Dashboard Check-in, and status functions to help sellers on foodtruckspy.com and peerbays.com manage their availability to stay connected to buyers.

Stay tuned for the launch of our other #spynetworks myveganspy.com, bailbondspy.com , miamidivorcespy.com and more!

#spynetwork guarantee: we don't track our #spynetwork site visitors or ask for your personal information - we don't sell seller's information either to 3rd parties. By visiting our online sites , creating your Virtual Business Card, or interacting with any service providers via their Virtual Business Card listing you agree that you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for service interruptions out of our control. We do not monitor Virtual Business Cards or service providers. There is only one you - take care of yourself - legitimate service providers generally have a website and a social media footprint.