Who we are?

A couple of hungry bears on a mission to put every foodtruck in the world on the map.

What we are?

Our site shows the general location of each foodtruck that lists their service on foodtruckspy.com

How it works?

Our elite hungry bear spy team works round the clock to reveal where foodtrucks who list their virtual business card at foodtruckspy.com are hiding in your area. Follow your favorite foodtruck or find new mobile providers of tasty treats!

Step 1

Go to "Create foodtruckspy.com listing" - select the country that best represents your menu so hungry bears can easily find your foodtruck's flag icon on the map and with a tap view your virtual business card.

Step 2

Update the general location of your foodtruck on the map on foodtruckspy.com by logging in to your dashboard. Tap EDIT to update your street address throughout the day.

Step 3

Hungry bears confirm a foodtruck's location by tapping their icon - check for today's date, physical address, and hours of operation BEFORE you make the trip!